Nadim: @NadimMuslim

Hello, I’m Nadim. I attend Nottingham Trent University and study  International Relations with Politics.

It has been a number of years now that I’ve been supporting the Conservatives. Currently I am the Regional Secretary for East Midlands Conservative Future as well as Deputy Chairman (Membership) for Nottinghamshire. I see myself as a ‘Thatcherite Conservative’. The pursuit of free market economics, privatisation of state-owned assets (besides the NHS), the lowering of taxes and reduced social expenditure is what I’d like to see from a government. You may question why I exclude the NHS – simply it is because I am a firm believer in it. However, some aspects can be passed to the private sector, where tasks can be done more effectively.


Mark: @MrkParsons

Hi, I’m Mark! I’ve always had an interest in politics, my first real involvement was telling my mother to vote Labour in 2005 because Michael Howard scared the crap out of me – slightly ironic I know, but at that point I was more interested in being a kid. Since 2008 I’ve taken much more of an interest and come to realise that I am a Classical Liberal.

I believe the most important thing a government can do is uphold the liberty of each and every individual it serves.


Max: @maxethanrodgers

Hi, I’m Max and I mainly write about the coalition, US politics and budgetary issues. My political positions are neo-liberal economically, Eurosceptic and a internationalist. I’m from Bedfordshire and currently write for several news and opinion blogs alongside this one. I also serve as a local Member of Youth Parliament for my area and I am currently an A-Level student hoping to study Politics at University from 2013.


Emily: @ecburditt 

Hi, I’m Emily. I joined the Conservative Party when I was 17 and have been active in the grassroots since, including serving as Vice-President of Nottingham University Conservative Association and standing as city council candidate for Lenton and Dunkirk. I am strongly freemarket, neocon and very eurosceptic. I have recently graduated from the University of Nottingham and currently work in Westminster.


 Aaron: @AaronLSpence

I’m Aaron, a NE-based Tory activist. I’m currently a Teaching Assistant with a view to teach children with special needs, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder.
My key political issues are Education (especially SEN & ASD), Foreign Affairs (especailly ME & Africa), Corporate Social Responsibility and Equality (especially Trans & Queer politics). I’m largely slap-bang in the Centre of the Party.
My other interests include History ( Renaissance Cosmology & Piracy), Literature, French cinema, Real Ale & Formula 1.


Luke:  @lukefordabest

Hello I’m Luke Stevens. I’m a member a of the conservative party. Deputy Area Chair of Dorset Conservative Future. Leading Bournemouth East Conservative Future. I live in Bournemouth Dorset. I go to Totton college in the New Forest on the outskirts of the Southampton. I travel by travel by train and bus. Bit of a train nerd and enthusiast. I love politics, Local, UK European and Global. Wanting to go onto to do an international relations degree. Career intentions from there to work in foreign affairs.


Gareth: @GarethJAnderson

Hello there! I’m the oldie here, and an occasional contributor. I joined the Conservative Party in 1995, when John Major was Prime Minister and we were welcome on few doorsteps, but, being a Tory who hails from Liverpool, I rarely do anything the usual way. I won my first council seat in the industrial town of Ellesmere Port in 2002, and have remained a councillor ever since, beating off various Labour assaults at 3 elections since then.

I spent almost a decade teaching and recently returned to university to study law. Politics and a love of democracy have been an obsession since I was 9 years old and watched that lone man face down a line of Chinese tanks in Tiananmen Square, an earthquake of an event soon followed by the fall of the Berlin Wall. Beyond politics I can frequently be found on stage, behind a camera, grappling with a steering wheel or playing PS3 games exceptionally badly.